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Typical food in Bolivia

Interesting facts

Bolivia has several traditional and interesting dishes and drinks. As it happens with most other South American countries, in Bolivia lunch is as important as dinner.

Two of the main ingredients in the cuisine of Bolivia are meat and potatoes. The gastronomy of this country uses these ingredients in many of its dishes and they are an important component of the everyday life of Bolivians.

Some traditional dishes, deserts and beverages

Most of the traditional dishes of Bolivia are not characterized by being spicy, although a few of them are the exception of the rule and, for example, can be made with hot chilies as a main ingredient. Among the spicy dishes you could find in Bolivia there is: Fricase, Fritanga, Aji de Lengua, Saisi, and Picante de pollo.

Some of the usually non-spicy traditional dishes of Bolivia are: majao, chairo paceño, salteñas, changa de pollo, charque de llama, sandwich de chola, and empanadas. After enjoying one of these dishes you might also want to try a traditional dessert such as a helado de canela (cinnamon ice cream), leche asada (baked milk), or cocadas (coconut candies).


Also, you might want to try a typical Bolivian drink. One of the most typical drinks you might find in this country is the chicha, a strong beverage made of fermented corn or cereals. Besides this, the Bolivian beer is known to be of great quality, and this country also produces some excellent wines as well. - South American Foods and Desserts



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