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Traditional foods in Uruguay


Most of the traditional foods in Uruguay are strongly related to the traditions of Uruguayans and their culture. Some foods, such as asados, pucheros and dulce de leche, are part of the traditions all Uruguayans share as well as they are one of the first things they will remember of their country when they are outside of it.

These foods are often a reason for families and friends meeting and sharing time together. Asados are the best example of this, when friends or family meet and stay close to the “asador” (the person who cooks the asado) getting up to the date while eating some appetizers and maybe playing truco, a very traditional cards game.

A list

If we have to make a list of the most traditional foods and desserts in Uruguay, there are some basics we surely need to name first. These main traditional dishes and deserts are: asado, chivitos, pascualina, milanesas, puchero, dulce de leche, flan, and arroz con leche.

Cow meat

Cow meat is the base for several of the most traditional Uruguayan dishes. Foods such as asado, milanesas and chivitos are made of cow meat, as well as some others, such as puchero and guiso often have this ingredient as well.


Desserts and dulce de leche

There also are several desserts which are very traditional in Uruguay and can often be seen on the Uruguayans tables. Dulce de leche is a basic ingredient which is very often found in Uruguayan desserts, such as with flan, ice cream, and cakes, as well as it accompanies other kinds of foods, such as alfajores, cookies, toasts, and bread. - South American Foods and Desserts



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