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Traditional food in Venezuela


Venezuela has a very varied cuisine with a combination of indigenous people roots with Italian, Spanish, French and African traditions. The gastronomy of this country shows some different traditions in different regions.

Central and Eastern Regions

The central region of Venezuela is characterized by the use of much beef, poultry, fish, and rice. Also, in this region it is usual to see dishes containing pork, and salads. The eastern region of the country is characterized by the use of much fish and a variety of seafood, as well as pasta and potatoes. Also, salads, rice, and cheese are an important component of the cuisine of this region on Venezuela.

Llanos and Andean Regions

The cuisine of western region of Venezuela is characterized by the use of much cheese and meat, often goat and bunny meat. The Llanos region has a cuisine with much meat of several different types and products derivate from the milk. The Andean region of the country has a gastronomy which shows much chicken, lamb, beef, and tubers.


Traditional food in Venezuela: deserts and beverages

Venezuela has many different interesting traditional deserts, such as, for example, the quesillo, conserva de coco, the majarete, and the zabaglione. Some of the most popular beverages in this country are: the leche de burra, chicha, and frescolita. - South American Foods and Desserts



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