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Traditional food in Colombia

An overview

The traditional food in Colombia is characterized by a combination of indigenous people and European recipes. The cuisine of Colombia uses much fruits and meat, along many other ingredients, such as its famous coffee.

Some traditional dishes

One of the most traditional dishes in Colombia is the sancocho. Sancocho is a stew made with vegetables that can vary, usually corn, potatoes, and yuca, as well as some fruit, usually banana. Often, this dish also has fish or pultry, depending on the recipe.

Other very traditional dish in Colombia is the Bandeja Paisa. This dish is made with red beans, chorizo, arepa, chicharron, chopped meat, white rice, and a fried egg.



One of the most popular drinks in Colombia is the aguardiente, a strong alcoholic beverage. Also, the chicha and guarapo are very popular Colombian alcoholic drinks. The Colombian coffee is worldwide famous, and is usually part of the daily diet of most Colombians. - South American Foods and Desserts



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