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Suriname food

Some characteristics

Due to its location and history, the cuisine of Suriname shows the combination of several different cultures. It combines Caribbean recipes along with elements brought by the Dutch, Chinese, Jewish, Lebanese, Indian, West African, Spanish, and French cultures, among others. The variety of recipes and ingredients it combines causes the gastronomy of Suriname to be very varied and interesting.

Ingredients and dishes

The cuisine of Suriname is characterized by the use of much meat, corn, seafood, fruits, hot peppers, vegetables, and cheeses, among others. Beans also are an important component of the cuisine of Suriname; they can be found in a wide variety of dishes.


One of the most traditional dishes of Suriname is the vatapa. The vatapa is a seafood dish which includes different types of fish along with vegetables and pepper. Other popular Surinamese dish is the pepper pot. The pepper pot consists on a stew made with pepper, meat, vinegar, and spices. - South American Foods and Desserts



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