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Quesillo Dessert from Venezuela


Though this name could be interpreted as a main dish name, it is a dessert made with sugar and milk.


1 can condensed milk
Same amount of regular milk (use the same can to measure to be sure)
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons of sweet red wine

For the caramel:

2 cups of sugar
½ cup water


First prepare the caramel mixing in a pan the water and the sugar.
When this mixture is golden, drop it slowly into the mold and be sure it covers all the sides and bottom. You can also prepare this caramel directly on the mold in which you will take the preparation to the oven later.
Let it cool
Put all the other ingredients in a blender and let them blend evenly.
Then pour this mixture into the mold and take it to medium oven for 40 minutes or until you try to put a knife into the dessert and the knife comes out clean. It should be golden on top. Take it from the oven and let it cool well, and when it is cold, separate it from the sides with a knife. Then put the serving dish on top and quickly turn it over the serving dish, putting the serving dish over the mold and turning it upside down.
Keep it in the refrigerator until you serve it. - South American Foods and Desserts



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