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Desserts from Argentina: Pasta Frola

What is it?

This is a dessert, this can be eaten with a cup of coffee in the afternoons, this can be a snack at any time of the day, late at night, etc. Of Italian origin, this can be done with the filling you choose, it’s usually done with quince paste, or dulce de leche or tomato jam, either way Pasta Frola is delicious, and Argentineans love it. With dulce de leche it is a great dessert!



1½ cup flour
½ cup of sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup of butter
2 well beaten eggs
1 tablespoon of water
1 teaspoon vanilla


Put in a bowl the flour, the sugar, baking powder, salt and butter. With your hands work this so that the butter looks like corn grains. Then add the eggs, the water and the vanilla. Separate ¼ of that dough. With the ¾ of the dough, cover a baking dish that has been previously buttered. Once the dough is all covering the dish, fill it with the filling you choose, be it quince jam, dulce de leche or tomato jam. With the ¼ of the dough you had separated, make long strips and cover the whole dish from one side to the other in a crossing pattern, covering partly the jam. You can put grated coconut in the borders of the cake, where the strips join the other part of the dough. Take it to medium warm oven, for some 25 minutes. Serve it cold, delicious with a cup of coffee. - South American Foods and Desserts



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