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Paraguayan food


The cuisine of Paraguay has many similarities with the gastronomy of other South American countries, especially with Uruguay and Argentina. Milanesas, empanadas, and asado are popular in this country, although asado is not as much as it is in Uruguay and Argentina where it is the most traditional and popular food.

Guarani ingredients

Many of the most traditional Paraguayan dishes are either the result of guarani recipes or recipes which use ingredients that were traditional to the indigenous. Besides this, ingredients such as cassava, corn, and rice are also very popular and an important component of the Paraguayan gastronomy.

A variety of chicha beverages are popular in this country. Chicha is a fermented beverage which can be made of pineapples (chicha de anana), grapes (chicha de uva), maize (chicha de jora), and cassava, among others. Sometimes chicha is made of a mixture of ingredients as well.

Some traditional dishes

Some of the most traditional and popular dishes in Paraguay are: the sopa paraguaya, the mazamorra, and the locro. It is interesting to know that despite of its name (Paraguayan soup), the sopa paraguaya is not a soup; it is a type of bread made with corn, onions, and cheese.


Other traditional Paraguayan dishes and desserts are: Chipa barrero, bollos de yuca, kiveve, bolitas de mandioca, ensalada de mandioca, tallarines chalacos, polenta de choclo, suspiros de yemas, and leche asada, among many others. Most of these dishes have a strong guarani influence. - South American Foods and Desserts



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