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Dessert from Brazil: Papaya Cream

What is it?

Papaya, or Mamäo, as is also called in Brasil, is a fruit that was cultivated in Mexico many centuries before the Aztecs showed up. This plant, rather a tree that reaches 9 meters high, has this wonderful fruit whose uses in medicine, and in nourishment, are so varied that it surprises when one reads about it.

When the fruit is ripe, it is eaten raw, but when green yet, it can be cooked and done in many different ways, always healthy. Eating it raw at breakfast is delightful.

As papaya needs plenty of sunshine to grow, and very warm weather, in Brasil it found a proper living place. Therefore, it got to be very popular there. And one can find mamäos everywhere, and many different dishes done with it.

This dessert we present here is offered after heavy dinners, as one of the characteristics of the mamäo is that it helps digestion. Its enzymes help digest red meats.



1 papaya (mamäo)
½ pound vanilla ice cream


Peel the papaya, take the seeds off, and put it into a blender. Add the ice cream. Beat it thoroughly and serve it in large glasses, right away, as it must be then very cold.
This dessert will be found nearly everywhere in Brasil. Good taste, healthy and easy to make!
You can add in the large glasses some mint leaves for decoration, if you like. - South American Foods and Desserts



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