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Nappi Soup from Surinam

What is it?

Nappi is a root vegetable, different to other root vegetables. It’s not as sweet as sweet potatoes, not like potatoes either. It is not really like any other we know. It has a very different taste, and that’s what makes it so interesting. It can be used in soups or in any way we could use the potatoes. Nappis are obtained only during the dry season in Surinam.

Surinam’s way of cooking and the different dishes are a gathering of recipes, flavors, and races. As Surinam has people from all over the world living there and each one has brought their cooking style, even their plants and seeds. And of course, the traditional dishes of the natives of the region, which make it so much richer.
This soup is very popular in Surinam.



1 pound meat
½ pound meat prepared in vinegar (pickled)
2.5 liters water or broth
1 sliced onion
5 big nappis, cut in small pieces
2 bay leaves
2 Peppers
2 cups of dissolved broth cubes (use 2 cubes)


Put the water, the broth and the dissolved cubes to boil, add the meat, the pickled meat, the onion, the peppers, all the ingredients except the nappi.
Let it boil for two hours or until the meat is tender, in a covered pan. Don’t uncover it. When the meat is tender, add the nappies curt in small cubes and let it boil at least another half hour. If you need to, add more water. Remember it is a soup. Once it is done, add the parsley and the basil and serve it hot. - South American Foods and Desserts



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