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Martin Fierro Uruguyan Dessert


Being Uruguay also a country made mostly of immigrants, the desserts are usually the same as in other South American countries, especially Argentina. As we have said before, in these two countries foods are mostly the same, as their background is very much alike. Nevertheless, there are some desserts that are more to the taste of Uruguayans and others that are slightly different than those in Argentina.

A very popular dessert is called Martin Fierro.



1 pound Gruyere cheese (or Emmenthal)
1 pound dulce de membrillo (quince)
(quince jelly is done there hard, and it is to be cut with a knife in slices)


In a dessert dish put a thick slice of the gruyere (or Emmenthal) cheese.
Over it put a slice as thick as the cheese one and of the same size of dulce de membrillo. Serve it with a fork and knife. Delicious with a cup of coffee. - South American Foods and Desserts



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