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Food of Brazil


Brazil, the largest country in South America, has a great variety of traditional foods and desserts. These foods and desserts often are the result of a combination of ingredients brought by the different cultures that have arrived to the country.

The Brazilian cuisine uses much fruits, rice, black beans, manioc, and spices, but the list of ingredients can be very large due to the great variety of dishes that are traditional in this country. Along its history, Brazil has received people from many different nationalities, such as Portuguese (who colonized the country in the 16th century), Italians, Arabs, and Germans among others, and all of them have added some ingredients and dishes to the cuisine of the country.

Traditional dish

One of the most traditional dishes of Brazil is the feijoada. The feijoada is a thick stew which is mainly made with different pieces of pork, black beans, and sausages. This dish is usually served with an orange salad and rice.


The cuisine of Brazil varies from one region to the other. In the South, there is an important influence of the gauchos, and this can be noticed in a cuisine that uses much meat. The cuisine of the Southeast shows a great combination of ingredients, using much maize, beans, pork, cheese, rice, tomato, fish, eggs, onions, and many more.


The Central region of Brazil has a cuisine characterized by the use of much pork, fish, beef, soybeans, manioc, and rice. The cuisine of the Northern area of the country uses much tropical fruits, fish, peanuts, and manioc. And the cuisine of the northeastern region is characterized by using much tropical fruits, seafood, beans, onions, and rice, among others. - South American Foods and Desserts



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