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Food from Peru


Peru is renowned by having a very diverse and attractive gastronomy. This cuisine combines inherited traditions from the Incas as well as from immigrants of a variety of places such as Basque, African, Spanish, Cantonese, French, and Italian among others.

Interesting facts

Peru has 4.000 varieties of potatoes and 2.016 varieties of sweet potatoes. It also has 15 species of tomatoes, 35 varieties of maize, 650 native fruits, and 2.000 species of fish. Colors often play an important role in the Peruvian gastronomy, in such a way that many times dishes are very colorful or combine colors in an attractive way.

The main ingredient used to make Peruvian dishes spicy is the aji pepper. Peruvian dishes also often use non spicy peppers which are used to add a bit of special flavor and to give extra color to the dish.


Some traditional dishes and deserts

There is a large amount of traditional and typical dishes in Peru. A few of them would be: ceviche, anticuchos, tamales, papas a la huancaina, rocoto relleno, chupe de camarones, lomo saltado, stuffed potato, butifarra, carapulcra, sancochado, majao de yuca, and seco de chavelo. Some of the most popular deserts of this country are: turrones, mazamorra morada, picarones, suspiro limeño, and tejas. - South American Foods and Desserts



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