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Food from Guyana


The cuisine of Guyana shows a combination of ingredients and traditions from indigenous people, east Indians, Europeans, and Africans, among others. This causes the gastronomy of Guyana to be very varied and interesting.

Some main dishes

One of the most traditional foods in Guyana is the Metemgie. The Metemgie or Metemgee consists on a thick soup or a stew made with coconut, fish, meat, cassava, and dumplings. Also, crab soups and home made bread are very popular in Guyana.


Food from Guyana: deserts

Some of the most popular deserts in Guyana are: mango fool (made with mango, cream, and cinnamon), banana honey pie (made with banana, honey, and pastry), candied peel (made with fruits), and coconut cream pie, among many others. - South American Foods and Desserts



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