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Food from French Guiana

An overview

The gastronomy of French Guiana shows a combination of ingredients from different origins. This cuisine blends ingredients of Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, and Spanish origins, among others. It is also interesting to know that a hot pepper is named Cayenne, as the capital city of French Guiana.

Main ingredients

Due to the way in which the cuisine of French Guiana combines recipes from different origins, we can find a large number of different ingredients used in it. Like most Caribbean and north South American areas, French Guiana uses much fish and sea food in general. It also uses much fruits and vegetables, along with spices and hot peppers.


Also, curry is a very popular ingredient in the gastronomy of French Guiana. There is an important variety of dishes containing curry, such as, for example, roti. Roti is a popular dish in French Guiana, made with meat and vegetables which are cooked with curry and wrapped in bread. - South American Foods and Desserts



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