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Food from Ecuador

An overview

Ecuador has a very attractive gastronomy full of intense flavors. The gastronomy of this country uses much vegetables, fruits, meat, and sea food. One of the most popular dishes in this country and often present in the Ecuadorian tables consists on a beef accompanied with rice and potatoes.

Traditional dishes

Ecuador has an important amount of traditional dishes. Many of these dishes are made of vegetables, and vegetarians usually can find a wide variety of dishes to choose from in this country, especially in the big cities. But, Ecuador also has many dishes using meat, chicken, and seafood, among other ingredients.

Some of the most traditional dishes from Ecuador are: humitas, cuy (roasted pig), lobster ceviche, locro (a soup made with corn, potatoes and cheese), encebollado (a dish made with yuca and tuna), bollos de pescado, llapingachos (potato pancakes with cheese, often accompanied with chorizos), fried yuca, and empanadas.


Food from Ecuador: some deserts and beverages

Some of the most traditional deserts of Ecuador are: bien me sabe (made with cocunut), helado de naranjilla (orange ice cream), manjar de coco, mousse de zapote, chucula, and torta de guineo. Among the most traditional beverages of Ecuador we can name the aguardiente, a very strong alcoholic beverage. Besides this, the chicha (also a strong alcoholic beverage) is very popular in Ecuador (as in some other South American countries as well). - South American Foods and Desserts



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