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Food from Chile

Some characteristics

The gastronomy of Chile shows a combination of antique indigenous recipes and tips with some European traditions, especially Spanish. As it happens with other countries, some characteristics of the gastronomy of Chile vary from one region to the other.

One of the most important characteristics of the cuisine of Chile is the variety of seafood it has. An important amount of the most traditional foods from this country is made with products from the sea.

Some basics

There are some dishes and desserts which are equally popular throughout the entire country. Some of these foods and desserts are: porotos con riendas, fish, salpicon, tomates rellenos, brazo de reina, murta con membrillo, tortilla de porotos verdes, budin de maiz, pastel de arroz, arroz primavera, ensalada de papas picantes, flan de espinaca, calampitas de huevo, puchero, and empanadas among many others.


Some of the dishes and desserts that characterize the cuisin of the Southern region of Chile are: fish pie, oyster soup, chupe de locos, asado al palo, seafood stew, cazuela de vacuno, curanto, chapapeles, valdiviano, brazo de reina, and murta con membrillo, among many others.


Some of the most popular dishes in the northern region of Chile are: tortilla de mariscos, camarones con salsa, cazuela marina, ensalada chilena nortina, and chumbeque. The gastronomy of the central region of the country is characterized by dishes such as fish ceviche, seafood soup, abalone with mayonnaise, humitas, choclo pie, charquican, and leche asada. - South American Foods and Desserts



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