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Colombian Aguapanela

Interesting drink

This is a very popular drink in Colombia. Sellers of aguapanela are always ready to show their offers in the winter time, and after heavy rains. They warm up the spirits of Colombians, with their sweet and smelly drink. Colombians also take this drink, warm and sweet when they have a bad cold, and it helps them get well.
Raspadura or Rapadura is the juice of the sugarcane, not refined, and therefore, its only ingredient is this juice cooked at very high temperatures. Though it originally comes from Europe, this has received great acceptance in most South American countries. In many of these countries they eat the rapadura just in the form of very sweet squares, and children love it! It can also be used to prepare different desserts. But in Colombia it is also used to prepare this so very popular drink.

One of these squares of rapadura melted in boiling water, and with some lemon juice on, is the delicious aguapanela. Which can be drank hot in winter and very cold in summer time, being also delicious refreshment. It naturally hydrates the body and also adds calories mostly to those who practice sports.

Colombia is the second country in the world to produce Rapadura, (India is the first one), and for that reason this is a most important industry in Colombia. Also it is used by the poorer people as part of their nourishment.



One cube of about two inches per two of rapadura
1 liter water (or 4 cups)
Lemon juice
Or cinnamon
Or orange juice
Or milk (4 cups
Or lime juice


Put the water in a saucepan, add the rapadura and take it to a boil.
Let it dissolve and then add the fruit juice you prefer. Usually
It is the lemon juice.
You can do the same procedure using milk instead of water, or very little water to start the process and then adding the milk. Cinnamon can be added too.
If you prefer to drink it cold, it’s better to do it with water.
In hot summer evenings, it’s a real pleasure to have a long glass of aguapanela. - South American Foods and Desserts



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