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Chipa Guazu

Some of its history

When we investigate one recipe, what we do is basically get into the history of a country. In Paraguay, the cuisine is as old as history….we have recipes that go back to the original inhabitants of this country, mostly to the Guarani Indians, then, what was added by the Spanish conquerors’ dishes, also the Portuguese dishes from the days of the invasions and then by the natural limits with Brazil. Therefore, the dishes in the Paraguay cuisine are a part of the history of that country, as you can follow what the history was, according to the different dishes in the different times.

In this country, the cassava (yucca, mandioc), is a very popular ingredient as is the corn. You can find those ingredients in almost any table in the Paraguayan’s homes. Also the black beans and the white beans are very popular, but I believe the corn is the most loved ingredient by any housewife in Paraguay.

Chipa Guazú is very much like the Sopa Paraguaya, only it is creamier. And the Chipa Guazú has lots of onions in it.
You have different ways of cooking this dish, one of them is:



3 Sliced onions
4 whole corn cobs (out of which you take the grains and grate them)
500 g. of cream cheese (it can be mozzarella cheese)
6 eggs, well beaten
1 ½ cup of milk
salt and pepper
½ cup corn oil


In a small pan, put the oil, when it is hot, add the onions, let them fry for some minutes, then add the milk, and let it cook some eight minutes. Add the cheese, (cut into very thin slices), then the beaten eggs, and the grated corn grains, the salt and the pepper beat thoroughly. This dough is rather liquid. Put this mixture into a greased pan, and take it to a 250º pre heated oven, until it is golden on top. Let this stand for five minutes before serving it.
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