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Argentinean asado


Argentina, just like Uruguay, is famous by its asados made in a firewood oven called parrillero. A good asado requires not only a good recipe, but also practice. A good asado cook knows how to do a good asado as well as has probably cooked many before.

How to cook it

One of the first things you should keep in mind before cooking an asado (if you will cook it in a parrillero oven) is to make sure you have enough wood for it. Running out of wood fire in the middle of the process could be really bad since the asado will end up half cooked. Besides this, you should count with the right kind of oven where to cook the asado and a parrilla, a grill that fits in the oven. The grill must be free of grease or dirt before using it.

A traditional asado is made with the meat of the ribs area cut in strings, and is usually accompanied with chorizos, morcillas, and some other meat pieces. You should not put the meat over the grill until there is enough red-hot coals under it as to heat it up. You should start cooking the asado strings by placing them with the bones towards the heat source first and turning them around when is almost done.


You should avoid cutting or prick the meat while cooking it since this would cause it to loose its juices. Also, for the same reason, try not to add salt to it until it is almost done. - South American Foods and Desserts



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