- South American Foods and Desserts

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Characteristics of the Gastronomy of Each South American Country:

South American foods and desserts

Traditional foods in Uruguay

Food of Brazil

Traditional foods in Argentina

Food from Chile

Paraguayan food

Typical food in Bolivia

Food from Peru

Food from Ecuador

Traditional food in Colombia

Traditional food in Venezuela

Food from Guyana

Suriname food

Food from French Guiana

South American Beverages

Foods and Recipes of Each South American Country:

Argentina: Food and Recipes

Brazil: Food and Recipes

Chile: Food and Recipes

Uruguay: Food and Recipes

Paraguay: Food and Recipes

Bolivia: Food and Recipes

Peru: Food and Recipes

Ecuador: Food and Recipes

Colombia: Food and Recipes

Venezuela: Food and Recipes

Guyana: Food and Recipes

Suriname: Food and Recipes

French Guiana: Food and Recipes

South American Breads

Pao de Queijo: Bread from Brazil

Sweet Bread from Argentina

Cheese Bread from Colombia

Potato Breads from Peru

South American Foods and Desserts


South America is a land full of intense flavors and traditions. The cuisine of this continent varies from one country to the other, but they all have in common a love for the traditional recipes which are passed from generation to generation.


Each South American country has its own traditional foods and deserts, many of them following antique recipes which are traditional from their indigenous people. Also, many South American countries have a gastronomy which combines such traditional recipes with new modifications, sometimes imported from Europe or other parts of the world.



Even within one same South American country there might be differences in traditional recipes depending on the region, as well as a specific dish might be more consumed in one part of the country than in other. This way, discovering the cuisine of this continent can be very interesting and exciting, and due to its great variation there is always a dish or dessert that each person will like, no matter what their preferences are.

This is also true for the beverages. South America has a wide variety of traditional beverages, many of them being considered as an important complement to the different dishes.


There are several desserts which characterize South America and which are shared by most of its countries. Among them, we can mention the alfajores, the dulce de leche (and many desserts made with it), the flan, and the arroz con leche.


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Características de la Gastronomía de Cada País Sudamericano:

Comidas y postres Sudamericanos

Comidas tradicionales en Uruguay

Comida de Brasil

Comidas tradicionales en Argentina

Comida de Chile

Comida Paraguaya

Comida típica en Bolivia

Comida de Perú

Comida de Ecuador

Comida tradicional en Colombia

Comida tradicional en Venezuela

Comida de Guyana

Comida de Suriname

Comida de Guyana Francesa

Bebidas sudamericanas

Comidas y Recetas de Cada País Sudamericano

Argentina: Comida y Recetas

Brasil:Comida y Recetas

Chile: Comida y Recetas

Uruguay: Comida y Recetas

Paraguay: Comida y Recetas

Bolivia: Comida y Recetas

Peru: Comida y Recetas

Ecuador: Comida y Recetas

Colombia: Comida y Recetas

Venezuela: Comida y Recetas

Guyana: Comida y Recetas

Suriname: Comida y Recetas

Guyana Francesa: Comida y Recetas

Panes de América del Sur

Pao de Queijo: Pan de Brasil

Pan dulce de Argentina

Pan de Queso de Colombia

Pancitos de Papa de Perú

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